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Classic  Italian-style
Pizza in Tacoma


Welcome to APIZZA---pronounced "Ah-beetz"!

What makes Apizza Little Italy the BEST PIZZA in Tacoma?

Our customer reviews speak for themselves, but this is what goes into making Apizza Little Italy the best pizza you'll have.


Come enjoy the thinnest crust you've ever had made with delicious and wholesome scratch-cooking with our own style of warm, dedicated, friendly, personal hospitality.

Wholesome Ingredients

We designed APIZZA's large, open kitchen to have something for everyone: fresh delicious salads, antipasto, gelato, mouth-watering apizza, Italian cured-meats, kid-friendly beverages, soft drinks and fabulous wine and beer on tap.

Love of Cooking

Chef Marshall Jett began his cooking career prepping vegetables for his mother when he was ten years old. Many decades later Marshall took his love and passion for cooking, ceramics and built his first mobile clay pizza oven and launched Veraci Pizza.


Our ship left the dock and set sail on December 21st., 2022 - the Winter Solstice.

After 599 days of work building this amazing place, we are absolutely delighted to be finally open for business and serving you.

Please come say hello (ciao!) and experience our brand new, state-of-the-art demonstration & performance kitchen.

Bring the whole famiglia* and try a huge slice of our mouth-watering, uber-thin Neapolitan pizza!

*We always have plenty of wholesome and delicious real food for kids.

Our mission is to combine delicious and wholesome scratch-cooking with our own style of warm, dedicated, friendly, personal hospitality.

Our family recipes are made with extra care from scratch ----bursting with flavors, textures and natural goodness.

We designed APIZZA's large, open kitchen to have something for everyone: fresh delicious salads, antipasto, gelato, mouth-watering apizza, Italian cured-meats, kid-friendly beverages, soft drinks and fabulous wine and beer on tap.

A full European dessert and pastry program (including cannoli's of course), craft cocktails, pasta made to order and Sicilian style pizza are coming in 2023!

Thank you so much. We are here to serve!

Chef Marshall Jett.

Chef Marshall Jett

We are here for you, through thick and thin!



APIZZA Little Italy is about love: love of cooking and serving others; love of restaurants and hospitality, love of Italian culture and traditional Italian-style pizza.



APIZZA Little Italy is a family business with the simple goal of bringing our extraordinarily delicious and wholesome family recipes to the Tacoma community.

We use only the freshest ingredients, source locally whenever we can----and use traditional, "old-school" techniques to create our mouth-watering menu items.



APIZZA Little Italy is the latest creation of chef Marshall and represents his exciting new hospitality vision: to bring culinary happiness - Italian-style - to downtown Tacoma.

  • Best pizza this side of New York. Most authentic pizza in Washington. Outstanding crunchy thin crust and superior ingredients all around. Tried the Spicy Tony at lunch and am back to try more the same night for dinner! It’s that good folks.

    Derek Riggle Avatar Derek Riggle

    Great family dinner...Marshall was such a great host!!

    Barbara Nielsen Avatar Barbara Nielsen

    I love pizza so my wife found this place to take me for my birthday, it was outstanding! We liked it so much we took our daughter's family and they loved it as well, including two somewhat particular young granddaughters 😉 We tried a number of their pizzas and all were excellent. My favorite is the Amante di Carne but all the pizzas were fantastic.

    Dave Ross Avatar Dave Ross
  • Hands down best pizza to eat in Tacoma!

    Nina Schoepflin Avatar Nina Schoepflin

    Had a draft while I waited for my togo pizza. Service and staff were very friendly. Owner gave me some fresh red pepper topping in case I wanted it. Ordered the Spicy Tony, and it was as advertised. Spicy but able to taste all the fresh toppings. This was one place, in my opinion, that they used a good amount of sauce on a thin pizza. Every bite had that right amount of sauce that complimented the crust. Can't wait to go back.

    Jeff Cathersal Avatar Jeff Cathersal

    Love this new place! The slices are huge with really fresh ingredients. The staff treated us well and it was a relaxed environment with good prices. Felt very homey. Drinks were great too!

    Danielle Chastaine Avatar Danielle Chastaine
  • Love this place! Parking: Free parking after 6:00pm

    Tracey Johnson Avatar Tracey Johnson

    I LOVED this whole place. The food was good, the atmosphere is cozy. Bruschetta 10/10 Cesar salad 10/10 Pizza 10/10 Service 10/10 We will be coming back next time we are in the city 😊

    Ella Krohn Avatar Ella Krohn

    Had the Spicy Tony pizza. It was really good. No red pepper flakes needed. The crust is fairly thin with a little chew. Haven't had a restaurant with a thin crust that was at least a little crispy. In this case, it made this pizza different in a good way. There was a little crunch on the ends, but the ingredients are what carried the pizza. The sausage was sliced rounds from a link, but again we're high quality with a nice flavor profile and the sauce was extremely well balanced with enough Italian seasoning in it to cut through any paste flavor you might find at some other local places like Bar Rosa. It also wasn't acidic. Extra points right there for me. I mention these details because I believe that it will help better to figure out if you're wanting to try one of the many, many new pizza places in town. Service was attentive enough for my needs as they checked in a couple of times. The drinks were ok at least on the mixed drink. The beers weren't bad. A large pizza for around 40 after tax was easily shareable for two or three people and the chew in the crust helped keep it filling while it was still thin. I'll definitely be back based on the light sauce profile and toppings.

    Mark Nickel Avatar Mark Nickel
  • Pizza was so delicious and authentic. Staff was amazing. We really enjoyed our experience there. Highly recommend!


    An atmosphere just as good as the pizza. New favorite Tacoma pizza for sure ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Ethan Riggle Avatar Ethan Riggle

    Best pizza in Tacoma

    Timothy Rasor Avatar Timothy Rasor
  • Marshal the owner is an incredible guy, wonderful establishment by heart. The bread dough lady is the 'prime example of flour' she was just covered in it😂 The pizza was delicious, crust was thin and the spinach with cheese made you want to eat with your eyes closed. When you're in the area stop by and show some gratitude!

    Lamont Avatar Lamont

    Thin on crust, heavy on toppings. The PNW isn't known for pizza, but APIZZA steps up to the challenge.

    Garrett S. Avatar Garrett S.

    Literally a little piece of Italy right here in T-town, from pizza to gelato they have it all. Looking for an espresso or Italian liquors, maybe both ¯_(ツ)_/¯ no problem. Highly recommend stopping in. The open kitchen is always a plus and their pizza is jumping to be one of the best in town, traditional and great ingredients.

    That's Tacoma Avatar That's Tacoma
  • Pizza was as good as I was hoping it would be. I like my pizza a little on the floppy side and this pizza was just that. Great flavor in the sauce and the cheese was just right. Give this place a shot. It’s worth the price.

    Landmark Creations Avatar Landmark Creations

    I ordered the Vesuvius from Uber, this pizza is absolutely delicious. I'm very excited to come down there and try it in the restaurant. There are a lot of pizza places in town but this is really good.

    Robert Stocker Avatar Robert Stocker

    Delicious food and amazing service. Everyone working is working hard and making amazing products. Will absolutely recommend to friends and family in the area.

    Kim Robles Avatar Kim Robles
  • One bite, everyone knows the rules. Great crunch to that crust and almost no flop! Cheese on the classic 3 cheese looked phenomenal, flavor was great, and very nice char! Easy 8.2, monster score for Tacoma Washington!

    Luis Tovar Avatar Luis Tovar

    Best slice of pizza I have had in a long time, thank you for putting love into your food.

    gabi r Avatar gabi r

    We ordered the Deluxe #13 and the Classic Margherita pizzas and highly recommend. The quality ingredients and love that was put into these pizzas by exceptional chefs. By far the best wood fired pizza that we have eaten. The customer service was amazing as well. Great atmosphere for dine-in and take-out. There are daily slices available as well.

    Rachell Avatar Rachell
  • Great place for pizza in a wonderful environment. The staff is very friendly and the food is delicious

    Mark Jewel Avatar Mark Jewel

    Delicious pizza, super friendly service!

    Alicia Barevich Avatar Alicia Barevich

    Super good pizza!! Will be back!!

    Cameron Wheeler Avatar Cameron Wheeler
  • My husband was walking by this pizza spot going to another place. As we were walking by we noticed owner or employee giving a slice of pizza to a homeless man going through the trash. She said here it’s cold outside! We took a mental note to come back and support this establishment, just so happened we had to wait for our seats for 25 mins. So we went back and had a slice of the best pizza I have had thus far. I would definitely recommend this place. We were there for only a little bit but their service was still excellent! Thank you your delicious pizza and giving to the community!

    Jameela Parks Avatar Jameela Parks

    This place is amazing. Great pizza, the friendliest people, cute and unique atmosphere. I’m so happy they sell pizza by the slice! My new favorite place to eat in Tacoma!

    Lee R Avatar Lee R

    Got a slice after work and was a good price, super gooey delicious 3 cheese slice. Staff was very friendly, was waiting for someone and made me feel not so lonely 😂

    Ivy “hederahelix” Adsila Avatar Ivy “hederahelix” Adsila
  • Stopped by after seeing a show on a Saturday night. Even though it was 10 minutes to closing they made us a pizza to go. The pizza was so good we would definitely go back.

    Jessi H Avatar Jessi H

    This pizza is the real deal! Fresh quality ingredients, so flavorful and cooked to perfection in a clean wood fired oven. The staff are all so friendly. It's rare that we have found such a great overall experience as here; with pizza that tastes authentic to Italy. A+++++++

    misty Tardiff Avatar misty Tardiff

    Opens at 1pm on weekends not 12 😐

    Jerry Locklear Avatar Jerry Locklear