We are a scratch kitchen and make things the old-fashioned way------without short cuts.

Over the last 18 years, we have built up a repertoire of over 70 mouth-watering pizza recipes and are always experimenting to create new ones.

Before making it on to our menu, each potential recipe goes through a vigorous period of testing, tasting and development - focusing on all of the flavors, textures, balances and most importantly------the overall experience.

Our standard?-----if it's not a "wow!"--------you won't see it on our menu.

When we started at the farmer's market eighteen years ago, we wanted to start with the classics ------so you will always find pepperoni, three-cheese and fresh mushroom pizza - by the slice - at APIZZA.

In addition to the beautiful simplicity of the classics above, we always have changing variety of veggie, meat and seafood specials.

Our veggie and meat "slice pies" (pizzas on display in the front window) change every two weeks - while the classics are always available.