We are here to make Tacoma a better place for everyone------and offer our positive energy in any way that we can.

We are here to serve.

In the past, we have donated our time serving pizza and salads for our neighbor Urban Grace Church. We have also prepared some delicious Cajun and "Bellisimo" hamburgers at a wonderful, local benefit event that raises money for kids.

We are looking forward to doing more good work for the community with the launching of APIZZA Little Italy; our exciting new home base!


A large community of talented people were involved in making APIZZA Little Italy a reality-------from our amazing architect and her team, to neighbors who loaned us their extension ladder, shovel and a lot of moral support, to plumbers, carpenters, masons------and our amazing electrician Jerome; who helped us build APIZZA Little Italy from scratch.

Our neighbor Dung provided assistance throughout the entire project - sixteen months!

We are deeply grateful to all who helped.....

Thank you all!